Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
W81EWF 22 SOI 0033 Effects of Sediment Release from Water Injection Dredging on Downstream Freshwater Ecology in Kansas
W81XWH 22 PCRP PRA DoD Prostate Cancer, Physician Research Award
W81XWH 21 SCIRP TRA DoD Spinal Cord Injury, Translational Research Award
HHS 2021 ACL NIDILRR REGE 0029 Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERC) Program: RERC on Wireless Technologies
G20AS00135 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Rocky Mountain CESU
G20AS00071 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Southern Appalachian CESU
W81XWH 20 MRP TRA DoD Melanoma, Translational Research Award
W81XWH 20 GWIRP NIA DoD Gulf War Illness, New Investigator Award
20 517 Environmental Convergence Opportunities in Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems
F19AS00364 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
ST TPC 19 001 DHS S&T Terrorism Prevention and Counterterrorism Research (TPCR) Center of Excellence (COE) - Lead
G19AS00032 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Californian CESU
19 559 Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes
19 533 Campus Cyberinfrastructure
P18AS00565 Interactive Analytics for Natural & Cultural Resource Management
W81XWH 18 PCRP HDFA Prostate Cancer, Health Disparity Fellowship Award
W81XWH 18 PRORP ARA DoD Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Research, Applied Research Award
W81XWH 18 PRARP NIRA DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer's New Investigator Research Award
P17AS00291 Cultural Landscapes Inventory & Ethnographic Assessment – DC Small Park Reservations
P17AS00159 Visitor Use Research at Jimmy Carter National Historic Site
HHS 2017 ACL NIDILRR DPKT 0202 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) Program: Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research


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